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Benefits of Digital Hearing Aids

Until the end of the twentieth century, the only way to perceive the world by ear with partial deafness was to wear analog hearing aids. They helped to hear previously indistinguishable sounds, but created inconvenience due to the amplification of all frequencies simultaneously. Modern digital devices provide uniform sound amplification and adaptation of the device to a specific sound environment. They use sound classification technology, so when wearing a digital hearing aid, the sound space that surrounds a person is constantly monitored. The settings of such a device are adaptive, that is, they help to debug its operation to a specific auditory situation.

How to choose a device?

When choosing a hearing aid, you need to pay attention to such parameters:
• dimensions and weight;
• method of placement;
• level of comfort in use;
• wireless connection availability;
• appearance;
• Intelligent sound processing and recognition capabilities.
You also need to pay attention to the manufacturer of the device. It is recommended to give preference to trusted brands.
In order for the device to suit your needs and features, you should consult your doctor before purchasing it. In this case, you need the help of a hearing care professional who will determine the degree of hearing loss and adjust the device to individual parameters and needs.

How to get used to the hearing aid?

The term of adaptation is an individual concept, but when using this device it is worth paying attention to the following recommendations:
1. You need to start operation of the device in a quiet room, for half an hour in the morning and in the afternoon, adding 10 minutes daily.
2. You can wear the device in public places after the adaptation period has successfully completed.
3. Using the device, you first need to talk with one person, then with two and so on. About a month after you start wearing the device, you can watch TV with it.
4. Wearing a hearing aid in public places is necessary after the full adaptation of the ear to the device. This period depends on the individual characteristics of the user and takes from 1 to 12 months.

Common Hearing Aid Myths

Hearing impaired people are often confused and scared by opinions about these devices, which are usually myths. The most common misconceptions that are associated with hearing aids are:
1. They can damage your hearing. This is only possible if you purchase a poorly manufactured device that does not fit the individual characteristics of the user.
2. They create a loud tinnitus. This applies only to outdated analog devices. Modern hearing aids operate on the basis of digital technology and transmit only the necessary sounds, suppressing extraneous noise.
3. Using a hearing aid will immediately ensure full hearing. In fact, the ear adapts to the device for some time. For different people, this process takes different times: for someone - several days, for someone - several months.

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